“Beyond the Surface: Discovering the Deep Values That Drive You”

“We either meet our inner values in life, or a part of us will die.” 

-John Soforic

In sales, “not having enough time” is called a “values clarification problem.”

“I don’t have time to work out or read that book about food you gave me” really means, “I’d rather meet my needs with my currently effective but unsustainable behaviors. Unsustainable? Yes, because why would I be looking for help in the first place?”

Values aren’t pithy words and phrases for companies. They can be inner needs that light you up when you meet them and drain you when you don’t.

For me,

They were buried underneath 20 years of being who I thought I was supposed to be. I pulled a big goof and based the ideal me as a businessman, a son, and a partner in romance and dating on Men’s Health Magazines and the Bodybuilders I grew up around.

False value: being attractive. 

Deep value: connecting with others. 

False value: being seen as a wealthy business tycoon.

Deep value: freedom to choose who I serve and knowing no one can buy me.

I thought having abs mattered. 

Deep down, a little, insecure version of me valued the vibrance and confidence I thought abs would give me. But alas, being extremely kind, smart, and generous brought me that.

How you live your life provides clues, such as how you spend your time and money, but more importantly, your focus and what you choose to think about and learn. 

If I could show up to work, make people laugh, and give them more time with their families, pets, community, and art, I’d work till I’m dead. So until something comes along that lets me do more of that than my business does, I’ll be at WLRCF flying up front with the rest of my ducks.

Don’t know what the ducks are? Or what it’s like to have a flock? You would if you came here.


Strengthsfinder 2.0 and Claryifing Values are both great books for this. Check them out. I’ll lend you my copies.

Have fun,



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