I wipe, and I wipe, and I wipe, and I wipe

“Sometimes, I wipe, and I wipe, and I wipe, and I wipe, and I wipe, and I wipe, and I wipe, and I wipe, and I wipe, and I wipe, and I wipe…Still poop.” 

-Andy Dwyer from Parks and Rec

Being stuck is a lot like that. You work and work and work, and still no progress. But that’s often not what I see.

Thankfully it’s a lot simpler to spot. Here are the main reasons people get stuck.

  1. Never starting food tracking. 
  2. Guestimating food intake without experience in tracking food.
  3. Inconsistently showing up to workouts. (three days of weight training is the bare minimum, folks) I did not make that rule. Blame nature.
  4. Easing up too much on the weekends. You can be in a deficit for five days straight and EASILY eat back the deficit and more in one night.
  5. Establishing/maintaining a bad story about your body, self-image, and fitness. This puts you in a low mood. How many great accomplishments have you made while your feeling like trash? You have to tell yourself a true, empowering story about who you are and what you can accomplish.

Being stuck indicates something needs to change. 

I’m not Tony Robbins, but I can help.

Message me if you want help.



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