You can Carpet the World, or Put on Flip-Flops.

The ground isn’t always ideal.

But we still need to travel it. We have places to go, regardless of a green pasture or sidewalk with debris.

So often we want the red carpet from the Grammys laid before us. We want the world to change. We want others to change, or our jobs to change. we want circumstance to change.

If we took the time to roll out the carpet for every journey that involved “the world” not being ideal for us to walk on, I doubt we would have time left to get where we’re going.

An efficient solution is to work with ourselves. How can we respond? What can we do to make this walk better?

I don’t want to spend life laying flooring when I could be going places.

Do we want to spend the time to carpet the world, or put on flip-flops?


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