Can I Lose Fat While Gaining Muscle?

The short answer: Yes

The less short answer: You can if you’re eating and training right. Burning fat requires one key element — a deficit of calories. You can do that by eating less (not recommended) or moving more; working out, and burning more calories than you consume.

Building muscle requires you to do two things: tear down muscle through workouts, and eat enough to rebuild them.

With fat-loss 101 and muscle-building 101 down, you could guess that creating a deficit by exercise works like, way better than starving. There are also fewer mood swings.

The less, less short answer:

I’ll let you in on a well-known secret. People straight-up suck at multi-tasking; (and keeping secrets) in fact, what we call multi-tasking is just a high-speed form of “task-switching.” It’s like switching back and forth between two shows on cable only to realize you haven’t paid attention to either show and you should read a book anyway.

But human organisms are great at multi-tasking, don’t believe me? How do you think your reading this and breathing at the same time? Also, why are you reading my blog if you don’t believe me? Also, stop thinking about breathing; you might scare yourself into a panic attack. *not as cool as a “Panchik attack.

You need to do a few things right to help your body run the fat loss and muscle gain process at the same time.

  1. Eat More Protein. 1g / lb of body weight is the standard.
  2. Lose Weight Slowly
  3. Strength Train at Least Three Times Per Week.
  4. Keep Your Cardio Workouts Short and Sweet, less than one hour is ideal. *Panchik Attack!
  5. Give Your Muscles a Break. Building muscle is a process of BUILDING, not constant teardown.
  6. Be Vewy Vewy Patient.

We can go into the exact amount of calories and nutrients you need to do this, but that would be like giving a carpenter a pottery kiln, or an iguana a Cheeto. It’s not going to make a lot of sense without directions on what to do with it.

If you want to know how to do that, go here.

The iguana sentence doesn’t make much sense, but it was amusing to write, so I kept it.

Have fun today.



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Warning: Intense.

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