Chalk Matters.

After catching asthma from all the lifting chalk floating around in the air yesterday, I decided to touch on Chalk Etiquette.

A few reminders about using chalk.

  •  Try and keep the chalk in the bucket.
  • Chalk up your hands and then pat them off by clapping them together while your hands are still in the bucket. 
  • Use a lot of chalk when you are lifting, or on the rings doing muscle ups. 
  • DO NOT USE TONS OF CHALK WHEN DOING KIPPING PULL-UPS!! If you are kipping you want your hands to slide around the bar. If you use a ton of chalk and you have a violent kip, big chance you will tear your hands if you are doing a lot of pull-ups.
  •  If you use  chalk on pull ups, pat them until you can barely see the chalk anymore, that coupled with good hand maintenance is why many cross fitters rarely tear their hands after they have become tougher.

Only tards do this.

Don’t be a tard, Take care of your hands and they will last longer than a Twinkie after a nuclear holocaust.



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