“Coaches” Everywhere

When I started in fitness, the only professionals that helped non-VIP and non-athletes lose weight were personal trainers and plastic surgeons. One cost a pretty penny over time and was as risk-free as it gets. The other cost a lot of money upfront and came with a real risk of unwanted side effects.

Today, there are coaches in nearly every major American city that can help clients turn their life around. Coaches aren’t limited to workouts or sports. There are life coaches, mindset coaches, nutrition coaches, money coaches, and business coaches.

What we do:

We are fitness coaches. Fitness is a human’s work capacity across domains and time. Think of domains as the infinite tasks you may and likely will have to do. Most twelve-year-olds can get off the floor and walk the dog independently, while most eighty-year-olds cannot. This is not due to an age difference. The senior has lost their fitness. 

My client Cindy was in her sixties before losing 100 lbs and earning the ability to jump a rope. Today she’s in her seventies and can do damn near everything on her own. We may help a client reach a 300lb bench press or feel comfortable in a two-piece again, but really, we are teaching them how to be like Cindy. 

Anyone can show you how to do thrusters.

A coach has a solution to the problem that requires you to learn thrusters.


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