Complete Ferocity

Have you seen this movie scene?

Jurrasic World:

It’s the end scene where the Hybrid dinosaur is fighting (and winning) against the T-Rex. Both of them are as big as a house. The hybrid gets the T-Rex under his foot and as he is about to finish the job, the real hero of the movie appears.

A Velociraptor (doghouse-sized in real life) barks a noise to distract the Hybrid and charges him full-on, jaws open and brandishing his claws…as if it is the hybrid who needs to be afraid.

That smaller raptor who is inferior in nearly every way takes him off-guard, and completely rocks his world, just long enough for the T-Rex to get back up and strike again. Tables turn for the Hybrid and he meets his demise after the power-duo corral him to the water’s edge where an even bigger and badder dino takes him under the waves.

To some, being the underdog might be considered a position of weakness. In fact, it’s exactly the opposite. An underdog can take a “nothing to lose” attitude that tends to promote less nervousness, pressure or tightness. The result… complete ferocity. There are no holdbacks.

There is something to be said for the underdog who gives 100% of the energy they’ve been given compared to a big player who is used to their wins and become careless in the process.

Underdogs are good at working hard to get to the top.
Kings are only good at staying at the top.

It’s why we love underdogs.
We love season upsets.
We love the stay at home mom working super hard to be healthier, more than we do the pro who makes the day’s training look like nothing.

Complete Ferocity is in humans too. I have seen only glimpses of it through my whole life, and it’s not where I thought I would see it.


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