Dumbest in the Room

I sincerely hope you are the dumbest in the room.

As often as possible, for as long as possible.

In boxing, I watched others in the ring and punched a heavy bag, but I learned how to box by getting in the ring and sparring with another person.

I grew into a better boxer when I sparred with someone better than me.

It’s the same in business, fitness, and everything in between.

Learning (acquiring knowledge) can occur outside the ring or on the sidelines.

Growing and applying lessons will occur in the ring when we are challenged with solving problems in new conditions outside of our comfort zone.

Welcoming the wisdom gap between you and the more experienced isn’t necessary, but you will learn faster that way. (And with less bloody noses)

Don’t be afraid to have a beginners mind. Everyone is a beginner at something, but only a few are smart enough to keep a beginners mind well past that stage.

If I put the worlds leading minds in an auditorium and asked “who is the dumbest in doing the laundry, in thermodynamics, in emotional connection, etc.” Eventually, everyone will have raised their hand at some point.

The person keeping a beginners mind is continuously learning and growing. They become a generalist who knows a little about a lot. The specialist finds themselves in fewer uncomfortable situations because they often stick with what they know.

And specialists tend to work for generalists.

Don’t wait for smarter people to fill up your room, find their room, and walk in.


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