Free Cookies At Work

I was doing good. I woke up on time, ate decent that morning, and drank water… and there they were.

Work provides Subway cookies in the breakroom because “we deserve them.” 

Why are breakroom treats hard to say no to? 

Because, they’re there. 

They’re free. 

They’re a gift, and everyone else is doing it.

The decision isn’t about, “do I want the cookie or not?” because f*ck, man, we all want a cookie. It’s “do I care enough about myself to choose better than those around me?”

You can repeat that one out loud^

Hard truth: If you’re in the U.S.A, most people around you are not healthy and don’t know or understand your current goals and struggles. You can only solve for you. 

Cookies have never been healthy. Situations determine that. 

Tom Hanks’ emaciated character in Cast Away finds a cookie. He should eat it. It’s healthy.

Someone who’s been on a Chic-Fil-A bender finds a cookie in the bag that they weren’t charged for 

Not so much. #luckyday, though.

There’s more answering to do, but I think this statement is most important because your best tool is always a simple one you use.

“Do I care enough about myself to choose better than those around me?”

So repeat it when you face that derailing moment until you pass them up. 

…And find better bosses who buy the staff decent cookies and not Subway cookies.


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