Get Up Laughing

Skateboarding doesn’t take a lot of brains. It takes a lot of guts.

The best thing at the top of the ramp is to fully commit or back up and not go. Either one works. If you think about stomping down and leaning into the board, you’ll probably make it, even if you’re a beginner.

The worst thing to do is to be “kinda committed.” If you think about falling, you’ll fulfill that thought.

“You gotta be in it.”

To “be in it” is to predict a better future by making a better present. Focus on the ride that’s happening now, not the fall that may not happen later.

Of course in the grand scheme, everyone will eventually fall. If you’re you go down from the fear of being hurt, you’ll get up hurt. If you bust your ass while “in it,” you’ll get up laughing.

You may need to splint your ankle and find the kid with a hardship license to take you to the ER, but you’ll be laughing.


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