Guess What Sixty of Your Friends Just Did?

If you do CrossFit, you’re doing the Open workouts. No way around it, but what we’ve done at WLRCF, is put together the biggest shindig of the year to make your experience bigger than just workouts.

We’re well known for our annual Intramural Open. And after doing it for seven years, we’ve nailed down how to put on a good time. There’s been dance parties, disco lights, showdowns between WLR celebrities, pizza parties, and a warehouse filled with athletes dressing up and casting spells with wands.

This year, everyone is being sorted into the houses from Harry Potter. There will be wands and robes, there will be floating candles in the gym, and rivalry between houses. Are you in Liftindor? HuffleBuff? You’ll have to sign up to be sorted by the hat!

I could go on with details, but in a nutshell, it’s three weeks of grown-ups getting points for acting like kids again. Plus, there will be some good workouts.

Not registered yet? go here–>

Today is the deadline to get your limited house jersey!

See you there!


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