The Open Is Here! (Announcement Inside)

Welcome to the Open! Each year, we test our fitness in the absolute best environment I’ve ever found, WLRCF. 

Why do we do the Open? 

One of my early teachers, Scott Wells told me, “Since you gain weight as you age, you need to get as lean as you can each year. That’s the key to maintaining a healthy weight.” Scott was a bodybuilder, and though he may not have cared about our solution to humanity’s health problem, he was right about one thing, you need to measure the most important metric for success at least once per year. It’s not body fat (although that matters to an extent). The supreme metric is Fitness. People with more fitness live longer. They lead healthier lives, experience less disease, and have deeper social connections. What gets measured, gets changed, and the open is the perfect measure of health and fitness.

What happens in the open.

Each Thursday for three weeks. will release a workout for the entire world to do. On Friday nights 4:30 pm-6:30 pm we do that workout as a group. You’ll even have a person there that you already know to count reps for you and encourage you. It’s a party. We’re known for being loud, decorating,  bringing noise-makers, and even dressing up in costumes and bringing props. In 2018, each team would break into the gym the night before and decorate it in their colors, it was hilarious and spectacular. 

Teams and Points.

We split everyone in the open into 4 houses. Liftindor, Hufflebuff, Ravencurl, and Slythergainz. Each house has a captain to lead your team in racking up points over the three weeks. 

  • Complete the Open workout = 1 point.
  • Judge/count for another athlete = 2 points
  • Dress up/ bring props/ show spirit = 3 points.
  • The staff will even have discretionary points to award for athletes that do something extra special.

At the end of the open, we’ll tally up all the points and declare a winner of the 2022 WLRCF Open. The winning team gets a pizza party thrown in their honor and they get bragging rights, maybe even something special from me. It’s all about fun, but you’ll get the best workout of your life each Friday. *Can’t make it to Friday nights? You can still do the open workout in class at 5:15 am and 12:00 pm on Fridays.

Can I even do this?

Not just yes, but hell yes!

There are 3 divisions. Rx, Scaled, and Beginner.

I know Mama Cindy (now 70 years old!) is signed up and ready. I’ve got a broken hand and will likely be doing the scaled division. Remember, “Can’t” doesn’t exist in these walls. 

When do I sign up?

From now until Feb 14th in order to receive your limited print jersey and be added to the sorting ceremony. 

Friday Night Events are 4:30-6:30 pm on Feb 25th, March 4th, and 11th.

Sign up here –> 

Then what?

We’ll reach out and ask you 3 questions. We’ll add your answers to the sorting hat ceremony so captains can select teams based on the answers without seeing the person’s name until they’ve selected them. Think of it like a draft based on superpowers, favorite CF stuff, and jokes. 

How much?


That gets you a jersey, access to 3 Friday night events, a judge, magic, house/team placement, and access to earn points and the after-party! 

*If you want your worldwide ranking in the CrossFit Leaderboard, you’ll need to register for that separately. That money goes directly to CrossFit HQ for ranking your performance. Go to

This is the most magical time of year at WLRCF. If this is your first year with us, then trust me when I say that you have not fully experienced what CF is all about until you do your first open. It’s a rite of passage, a milestone, and the absolute most fun you can have while working out and not breaking the law. I hope you’ll join us for a time you won’t forget. Ready? 

Sign up here –> 


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