Guru, Hack, Expert.

There are three people who want to help you. 

A guru will ask you questions. Then, You’ll reveal the answers that you originally came to him for. You’ve been helped, but you’ve done it yourself. You needed a mirror. The guru holds up a mirror and lets you do the work. You run the show, but if you need help, should you be running the show? Alan Watts was a guru, but so was Jim Jones.

A hack is a shirtless man offering you a shirt. He wants you to eat this many meals each day and count your carbs to get lean, but he spends his day surfing for four hours, working out for two hours, and posting his abs on the internet for one hour. He helps only himself through “trying” to help you, but he doesn’t know what you need, only what’s worked for him. Peter Pan is a hack. He’s the king of Never-Never Land, but Never-Never Land isn’t real.

An Expert holds both the hack and the guru within him. Since he knows his experience isn’t right for you, he can ask great questions. Then he can truly listen to you, skip what has failed others, and offer what can work for you. You may not like what he says, and he knows that. But he offers it anyway because it’s truth, and the truth will empower a human to move mountains when they are ready and willing to hear it.

Winston Churchill was an Expert. 

The guru and the hack face no responsibility. They only share recipes.  

The expert has everything to lose and trusts that you are strong enough to hear the truth anyway. 


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