What will your hearse be Towing?

Have you ever seen a hearse towing A U-Haul?

The only U-Haul any of us probably want to tow is a figurative one that we filled with our memories.

What kind of memories? Will we fill the U-Haul with places we’ve been? People we laughed with? What about things we did and experienced. The world’s second-longest zip line. Jumping off the cliffs into Greer’s Ferry lake with friends, or canoeing with my dad down the buffalo river in summer with the dogs.

I can’t make those memories if I’m sick. I can’t climb the cliff’s and flip an overturned canoe unless I’m able-bodied.

It’s so much more than working out.
It’s a whole lifetime of memories we could have missed.
It’s what we’re putting in the U-Haul.


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