Murph 2020 (with photos)

Welcome to Murph 2020 at WLRCF!

Below you will find:

  • A map of the Lanes and your lane assignment.
  • The Murph Run Route.
  • A breakdown of the workout flow with tips (reposted from last week).
Lanes above.
Murph Run Route
Lane assignments.


Monday 5/25/2020, 

  • Show up 9:45am
  • Warm-up starts @ 10am
  • 321, go @ 10:15am.
  • Choose the version of Murph you can complete in under 90 min.


  • West Little Rock CrossFit


  • We will have 3 teams to ensure this logistical feat happens.
  • A-Team: Murph, done any style.
  • B-Team!: Complete your push-ups and squats before moving to pull-ups.
  • C-Team:  Complete your pull-ups before moving to Push-ups and squats.
  • If you selected barbell rows, you are in A-Team.
  • If you selected Pull-ups, you are in either the B or C team. This will be sent out with your parking lane assignment.

How far apart?

  • Workout Space
  • You will have a parking space dedicated to you to complete your reps in. 
  • Your spaces will have 12 feet between them.
  • Bring a yoga mat if you don’t want to do push-ups on the concrete.
  • Your spaces will be numbered and assigned to you the night before.
  • Pull-ups

**You only need to read the pull-ups section if you are doing pull-ups.

  • Pull up bars will be marked off for distancing. 
  • There will be 6 green plates on a box at the lot entrance.
  • There are 6 blue plates at the pull-up stations.


  • After your first run, grab a green plate and take it with you.
  • Do your pull-ups.
  • THEN dis-infect your green plate and pull-up area completely.
  • Take a blue plate (left for you in your pull up spot) and set it on the box where you originally took the green plate from.
  • Dis-infect that thing. 
  • This lets us know your space is open and cleaned. 
  • Continue on to your push-ups and squats.


  • After your push-ups/squats, grab a blue plate. 
  • Disinfect it again because, why not? 
  • Take it to do your pull-ups. 
  • Disinfect the pull-up area again because Jeff has spoken. 
  • Do your Pull-ups.
  • Disinfect your pull up area and blue plate, replace the blue plate, disinfect, and continue on to your run.


  • Nothing to see here.


  • These will be at the front of the gym according to size. 
  • Mark your name off the list when you grab your shirt. Only grab a size that is next to your name on the list (you did this).


  • There will be multiple coaches there. 
  • We are ALL on duty. 
  • Please ask for assistance at any-time.

Pro Tips on Murph

This workout is an aerobic effort. That means you should not sprint at any point except for maybe the last few hundred meters of mile #2. You should also scale to do what you know you can do, and not push your threshold to a dangerous place. We will be in the sun, it will be hot, we are all out of practice…except for maybe Matt Ferrell

‘But I push pretty hard at my home gym.’ Let me stop you right there Sunshine. Everyone who has not been pushing as hard as they normally do in the box for the last 6 weeks has a reduced capacity to maintain blood sugar, manage blood oxygen levels, and evacuate lactate. If you think you’re a special flower, you are not. Well, you are, but you are not the man or woman you were 8 weeks ago. This workout is going to be hard, no matter what. So work hard on working smart and live to fight tomorrow as well.

Show up WELL hydrated. 

Be well-hydrated from the day before.

Get 32 oz H20 upon waking that morning as a good start.

No alcohol the night before. That’s like asking for rhabdo.

Bring water for the workout.

Recommended styles of doing Murph:

Broken up 20

Run 1 mile

20 rounds of:

5 barbell rows

10 push-ups

15 air squats

Run 1 mile

Broken up 10

Run 1 mile

10 rounds of:

10 barbell rows

20 push-ups

30 air squats

Run 1 mile


Run 800m 

10 rounds of:

5 barbell rows

10 push-ups

15 air squats

Run 800m 


1 Mile Run

200 push-ups*

300 air squats*

100 pull-ups

1 Mile Run

*Broken up however you like.

Wear a vest if you got one.

‘Body Armor’ *As Michael Murphy called it.

Run 1 Mile

100 Pull-ups

200 Push-ups

300 Squats

Run 1 Mile

*Straight Through

*Wear a vest if you got one.

Thank you for joining us in our tradition to honor those who died in service. I’m looking forward to seeing you all in person on Monday. See you there.



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