Will CrossFit get me ready for Beach Season?

What if you could make every season, “beach season?”

I walked past my neighbor’s door today and saw a box from Herbalife. You know, that scam supplement company that’s been found guilty of fraud, packaging random pills and selling them as fat burners?

There’s a better way. It costs less money, and it’s more fun.” 

The better way is to live differently a little more each day. After a little time, you’ll live a life where you don’t feel like you need rush fixes, crash diets, or other widely unhealthy and unsustainable hoorahs. 

Learn how to move well and eat to feel good. Make a few friends while doing it so the practice becomes more present in your life. When you have momentum you’ll become even more interested as to why it worked, so keep learning. Keep trying new skills and sports. 

The person who does these things doesn’t need to rush into cutting weight for beach season, they’re living like its beach season all year round.


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