How a Pro Gets you to Change

We measure.

The client weighs 180 lbs, and they want to weigh 150 lbs. Each week, I measure their adherence to their action items. 

  • “What are you proud of this week? 
  • What did you struggle with? 
  • I see you logged your water and food for three days instead of seven days. Tell me about that. 
  • Okay, here are two ways to fix that; which one do you want to do? 
  • I want to make sure you reach 100% adherence this upcoming week, it’s vital to making {client vision/goal} a reality, plus you’ll feel amazing the next time you see me. What is holding you back from 100% adherence next week?”

I measure their body composition monthly (bi-monthly is okay for some clients).

  • weight
  • body fat %
  • muscle mass

I also ask them objective and subjective questions to help me assess if their making progress they are genuinely proud about. 

  • Physical performance (if it matters)
  • Energy levels
  • Sleep quality/quantity
  • Self-esteem
  • Progress photos may be appropriate
  • How a wardrobe item feels when trying it on 
  • etc

I can make changes to action items on the fly each week.

I can make changes to the focus of their service bi-monthly or monthly.

Each Quarter I ask them three questions.

  1. Are you totally happy with your progress so far?
  2. If not, what would you like to speed progress up on?
  3. You’ve made huge changes, whats on the horizon for you now?

I can alter our service based on this quarterly check-in and ensure that I keep working with people I love to serve instead of chancing it by working with every stranger who finds me on the internet.

I coach coaches. Here’s what I’m telling them.

To be a great 1v1 coach:

  1. Know who your clients are.
  2. Learn and deliver what clients need.
  3. Be a professional.
  4. Measure what you deliver.
  5. Promote by showing how effective you are at bringing clients progress, thus happiness.

Are you with the right coach? Email me if you want to be.

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