“Ostrich Triainer”

Who we are

We are professionals. 

We unselfishly have the client’s best interests at heart.

We have a structure for change.

We ensure our clients receive the service we are proud to give them.

We invest in growing ourselves to serve others better.

We are our own collateral, refund policy, and backup plan. If we can’t deliver far more value than our client signed up for, we are out of a job.

Let’s define who we are not. 

We are not the client’s best friend. Best friends will agree to get healthy with you, then ask you to grab margaritas when they go through a breakup. 

We are not a yes man/woman. Clients who don’t progress will stay with coaches they like… until they won’t. What’s worse is that clients will now have their original pain points, fruitless effort, AND lost time. 

A client of mine told me why he quit service with another trainer. “I hadn’t seen much out of it for a while, but I worry about {coaches name} and want to support them.”

I call this “the ostrich trainer.” It’s the worst animal to be if you want to be a professional. 

The ostrich trainer knows the client isn’t progressing and sees that as a personal flaw, then he avoids checking in unless necessary because the news will be bad. He avoids measuring progress for the same reason. Finally, he is too afraid to address a temporary lapse in excellence and correct course (which is part of delivering excellence). All the while, the client keeps paying. 

It’s the ostrich, putting its head in the sand and hoping the lion will be gone when it pulls its head back out of the ground. This scenario is sad to see trainers and clients go through, but I know SO many excellent trainers who have gone through this stage. I’ve been here as a young trainer. It’s a place to be better for visiting, but don’t make it your home. 

Being better than ostrich trainers is part of the bare minimum to work for us. Our professionals are trusted advisors who won’t hide behind being likable. 


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