Human Performance Challenge – August 1st



This is an 8-week challenge formulated by West Little Rock CrossFit and its GOING TO BE A BLAST.

We have concentrated the effective elements from previous challenges and added new strategies such as accountability partners to drive powerful results. We will also be introducing an online module platform that is identical to that used by college programs for instruction. Even with the time-saving convenience of the online platform, the challenge will still be very hands-on and our challenge leader will be very active in your progress. This challenge will be EFFECTIVE, FUN, TIME-SAVING, and EDUCATIONAL. The challenge is done using a 2-person “partner-wod” approach in order to help teach effective use of social support and accountability. You may register with a partner or without one. If you do not have a partner selected, you will be assigned one who has a similar schedule to yours.


Q: Im not a WLRCF member, can I still do this?

A: Yes! In fact, we plan on taking this challenge nation-wide in the future and would love to get people from other areas involved to expand our reach and experience in working across larger distances. The program is set up to be completed from ANYWHERE. We do recommend that you be a member of a CrossFit affiliate or a gym that will allow you to complete CrossFit-style workouts. If you would like to sign up, please use the form at the bottom of this page.

Q: Who will be my coach?

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A: While we encourage you to work with your own affiliate’s coaches if you are a non-member. Jeff Jucha will be leading this 8-week challenge. Jeff has been a life-long athlete and has been in the fitness industry since 2006.  He has authored a book that encourages readers to stop dieting and build a healthy relationship with food. In addition to founding and owning a CrossFit gym, he has competed in CrossFit and placed in local competitions.

  • CF-L2
  • Precision Nutrition L1
  • CF Competitors Trainer
  • CF Endurance
  • CF Mobility
  • CF Kids
  • AFPA Personal Trainer


Q: I only want to lose fat/ only get jacked/ only get better at CrossFit, will this work for me?

A: Yes, Yes and Yes. Contrary to what supplement ads, magazines, and pop culture may sell you, the principles of transforming your body composition are universal and can be powerfully applied to your goal. Our challenge gives you the freedom to pursue your specific goal with real visible results.


I have two main goals with this challenge. 1- To create an environment to ensure people lose their fat stores and put on quality muscle tissue while increasing their work capacity. 2- To leave people with an experience and body of knowledge so they never have to diet again.




2-person team $90

Individual $50

We will open registration on June 13th and will only allow 20 total teams to ensure quality attention is given during the challenge.

Contact Jeff with questions about the challenge or sign up info. (501) 650-6863

Pre-register by filling out the form below.


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