The Most Important Person in the World

At More University in Manhattan, there is an acting class on basic sensuality… How else do you think they made 50 Shades of Gray (or is it Grey)?

At the end of the first day, the students are given a homework assignment. They are to go home and prepare their apartment or house as if the most important person in the world was coming to visit them. The laundry laying on the bed is folded. The bathroom has been magic-erasered. The dust bunnies under the couch have been vanquished. Now,  How would you entertain him or her? Would you purchase special foods, candles, flowers, put on music? What would you wear?

The trick of the homework is that you are the important guest. All of the preparations are for you.

Many of us only create nice things for others, not ourselves.

We are mothers and fathers trying to provide better for our kids. We are children trying to make our parents or our parents’ memory proud.

We are teachers trying to create the tools for the future generation. We are students trying to create a better future.

We are lovers trying to create a smile for our other half. We are loners trying to create moments of joy for others, so they don’t feel the lonesomeness that we do.

Regardless of our role. We all are creators.

We are a resource to affect the world and people around us. How well can we create for others if we are tired, deconditioned, and undernourished?

How well can we create for others if we are well-rested, conditioned from regular exercise and social interaction, and well-nourished?

Practice movement three times per week. Eat the right amount of food to be energized. Get out of the rut when you feel yourself settling in, and get into the box to set some PRs.

I promise you that doing this will not take away from your ability to create for others and to live your best life. In fact, it will fuel you to do more of it and enjoy the process of it as well.


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