West Little Rock CrossFit Coaches

Being a West Little Rock CrossFit coach takes more than a certification.

tt…It takes much more.

I used to manage “health clubs”. I spent years of watching people come in day in and day out  to a place where they would move a few racks and pins, get sweaty, leave, come back the next day, walk on a treadmill, get sweaty, leave, and really go nowhere. Better yet, a trainer could even charge them un-godly amounts of money in exchange for showing them a faster way of getting sweaty and leaving.

If there is one thing I learned about being a strength and conditioning coach, its this.


CrossFit Coaches Think Long Term.

If I make a programming decision for this weeks workouts, how will it affect my athletes next week? next month?… next year?

How will it build them into a better version of who they are now?

It takes experience and wisdom to answer those questions and implement a plan like that.  In fact, it takes a whole lot of experience over the years of finding out what not to do, in order to know what exactly to do.

I like the story of Moses.

A good coach is the one leading his people through the desert to the oasis. In the land of mirages and confusion, its his job to know where they are going, and back-build a path to get them there.

He doesn’t have time to wonder around for 40 years not really knowing whats going on. (props to Moses though, I would have died or eaten some-body)

Should I program cleans tomorrow? or should I go into teaching the clean as a skill and why it is important to achieve triple extension in the clean? How it applies to lifting your child, your sprinting, or maintaining your low back safety.

A good coach has a reason for everything he does, there are no mistakes or “because I said so’s”. He knows where you are going as a athlete and as a CrossFitter.

“A good Coach doesn’t look at his feet, he looks at the horizon”.

written by Jeff Jucha




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