Is Anyone Not On Drugs?

I know therapy is good for you, but alcohol works WAY quicker.

Ok, it’s not the same as therapy, but it makes you forget why you need to go to therapy in the first place.

Drugs do that.

Ozempic is the latest I’ve heard of, but it’s nothing new. We had Ephedra in the nineties, we had Alli in the two-thousands, and we’ve always had steroids for those wanting more muscle or not to line up next to their Ex in the Olympics.

The last famous drug that started with an O? The pain killer? Yeah, that went well.

If we stopped calling drugs “drugs” and named them for how we use them, we’d have an even bigger stigma around them, perhaps big enough that fewer people would try them.


“Distraction gas.” 

“Desperation Pills.” 

“WOOOOWW Powder.” (Said in the voice of R2-D2 when he screams.)

*Here is a special button in case you don’t know what that is – > R2D2 Button

Ozempic will likely go the way of every drug that does something superhuman. It will come with superhuman consequences. It won’t be considered a viable option any longer. But, the damage will have been done. Our generation will learn, but the next generation won’t know better when their “Ozempic” comes along.

All the while, many people willing to walk into a CrossFit Gym, raise their hand, and say “I’m in.” will be getting healthier, losing weight, and feeling great by making good decisions over and over, whether on their own or with the help of a coach. 

We gain fat by losing our health, not a pharmaceutical deficiency. 

We remove fat by gaining health back. 

The end. No other routes are allowed. Fight me IRL, influencers.


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