Sadness be Like Pooping

You: What do I do about feeling down or sad about where I am?

Me: Sadness is kinda like pooping. It’s healthy; everyone does it, but you don’t want to spend your whole life in the bathroom doing the pooping thing and nothing else.

I’ll wager your sadness is a disguise for disappointment in yourself for lack of action or time you’ve wasted. I’d write out every good or useful lesson you’ve gained from what you’re sad about. Those things have always been present; you just may not have been looking at them. 

You will experience the life you focus on. Not the life that happens around you. Be careful what you focus on.

That’s just about feeling better. 

If you want to get betterdo better, and be better, find the part of the story where you could have created something better. Now, what would THAT version of you, who chose better, do now? Something small. Go do it.

  • Throw out the sugary snacks you’ve been munching at night.

  • Book your next workout with your coach.

  • Google “3 healthy meals at {your top 3 restaurants in town} and order it for lunch today.

  • Send @jrjucha $1 on Venmo; the “sky is the limit, folks.”


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