Less than One Minute

A little is better than nothing.

And maybe better than a lot.

Right now, I have five minutes before putting on warm clothes and my shoes and walking over to my new house to let the electrician in.

Well, there goes minute one.

I planned on starting my morning at 5:30 am with coffee, stretching, reading, and eventually, thirty minutes of writing.

Shit, minute two.

Are five minutes enough to get anything good accomplished? I could get my stuff on now and go, intent on writing later today, but I know better. Writing is like working out.

Minute four. I’m at peace with it now.

What I write is not as important as the fact that I’m writing something. Because now, after taking you with me on this silly little writing stunt, I can say “today, I was a writer.” Working out, eating well, it’s the same thing.

Accumulating days of a little is better than nothing, and even maybe a lot.

Minute five. I’m out!


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