Most Folks Don’t Care. The Rest Want You Happy.

Principle# 3 Most people don’t care. The rest want you to be happy/successful. 

Social media convinced us all that we have an audience. That every view was someone paying attention, and every like was thoughtful. One of my FB posts has been shared on over 200 websites and counting… the only people who brought it up in person were my family, my friends, my friend’s friends, and Sarah Mills from CrossFit Seminar Staff in downtown Madison, WI. 

I’d bet money all of these people would still talk to me and want the best for me if I never wrote that post. The strangers who raved about it online have yet to send me envelopes of money or subscribe to my OnlyFans. 

Jeff’s Math:

69% of people you worry about don’t care. 1% might want bad things for you. The rest want to see you happy and successful. The last group is the only one you should rent the room in your head to. 

69%… Noice.


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