No Pain, No Gain.

When I grew up, working out was “no pain, no gain.”

My parents and yours accepted that rule completely. It was the law, and if you fought the law, the law would win.

Maybe that’s why so few people worked out, and why there are millions more unhealthy people in this generation than any generation that has ever walked the earth. We may not die as fast as our grandparents, but we’re certainly far less capable than they were.

Did it have to be that way? Does it have to be a zero-sum game?

Or could it look like this?

Could it be something you “actually wanted to do” and then text your friends about what you just did?

Does “no pain, no gain” work? It does for people who are looking for the pain part.

But this photo is for everyone else. Is there pain involved? Some, but it’s much less than the pain of not showing up and learning how to contend against time, disease, and the sickness of never knowing what you can do.

Is there pain? Yes. But the pain looks like this^.


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