Southwest Power Pool Nutrition Challenge


An 12-week nutrition challengespp logo


Wednesday Jan 15th through April 9th 2013


To lose fat, feel great and live a longer, stronger, healthier life!


First, we will establish what your current nutrition and lifestyle habits are and help you set some goals. Then we develop a plan to help you reach those goals. Through electronic and in-person communication with our Nutritionists and Wellness Coaches, we will guide you through the plan to reach your goal and gradually replace undesirable elements in your nutrition/lifestyle with new and sustainable habits that will lead to a healthier and longer life.

See details below to join the challenge.

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It’s time to discover just how much of an impact nutrition has on your body, attitude, and LIFE!

The challenge is to remove the less desirable elements from your daily diet and to get a solid understanding of portion awareness leading to a leaner and healthier you.  We want you to see how your work performance, your health, your general sense of well-being and your body composition reacts to eating what nature intended for you to eat, in the right amounts and in the right proportions .

To some extent, we’ll be following the tenets of our ancestral diet, but we’re not going to call it the “Paleo Diet” because ‘diets’ have and end point: you’re either on a diet, or off a diet, losing weight, or gaining weight, and that is NOT what we are in for here. You should not have a religious attachment to a diet, simply let us help you find what supports your lifestyle and does not support illness or body fat. This is the method we have utilized for years to build people into a leaner healthier version of themselves.


Ready to change your life for the better?  Here’s what you need to do:

  1.  Sign up and pay with the following the payment link

  2. Take photos and beginning weight  (using the Incenta-health kiosk)

  3. Download our Nutrition tracking app for your smartphone.

  4. Track food and get feedback from your Nutritionist and Wellness Coach

  5. Record your progress!

1.  Sign up  via our secure payment form

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We want to make this a fun challenge however, extrinsic factors such as money should not be your motivation. We want you to feel, look, live and perform better. These should become your long term motivators.

2. Take a starting photos of yourself and record your beginning weight.

Use the Incenta-Health Kiosk to do this or if you are not using the kiosk, take one at home or we can do this for you.

*Photos are only for participants to see and are completely confidential.



If you are doing your own photos, be sure to put those clothes away in a safe place: you will need them for the ‘after shots’ and yes, they must be EXACTLY the same clothes, same lighting, same room. Consistency is the key here.




3. Download the app.

mobile22We use an application called wodify to keep in contact with nutrition program participants. Wodify has a built-in nutrition tracker that will allow you to enter what you ate at any point in the day and request feedback from one of our wellness coaches. We receive your request, review your nutrition for the day, and give you real, personalized, and qualified advice based on your goal. You can also ask us questions and get an answer as well.

Should I eat the whole egg, or just the egg whites? Which kind of artificial sweetener is okay for diabetics? What are some snack options if I am lactose-intolerant?  We are here to help.


4. Track Your Food

Nutrition-TrackingMany people love the accessablility that the Wodify app gives them to our wellness coaches. Just to be sure that we aren’t missing anything, we want you to track 3 days of food intake at four different times:  Week 1, Week 3, Week 5, and Week 7.

Need to know what numbers you are aiming for when it comes to food? Just ask us, or use a calorie counter of your choice, such as a free account on an online calorie/nutrition tracker or use the sheet provided in our challenge spreadsheet (i.e. Livestrong/My Plate,  My Fitness Pal, FitDay, SparkPeople, etc.)

5. Record your data.

We use a point system to track your commitment. Here’s how you earn points:

  • Track your food using the Wodify app. 1 point/day

Checking in with us and asking questions gives you the feedback you need to succeed. Each day that you track your food in Wodify gives us a chance to guide you on the right track. In return we will give you a point for each day that you check in with us.

  • Eat great foods: 5 points

    We found that most people eat up to 5 separate times during the day. Each meal that consists of foods taken from the Do’s section of the Do  and Don’t  list. will earn you 1 point. * if you do not consume 5 meals in a day but eat correctly for all of your meals, you will be awarded 5 points.
    Review the Nutrition Challenge Dos and Don’ts to see what is allowed.

  • Share Knowledge: 1 point

    You can earn one point (per day) for sharing a recipe, article, or  some form of tip or trick that will help your fellow participants be better at eating and living Performance lifestyle.  Share your knowledge by posting a status on Facebook and tagging our page, or by leaving any printed info in the health office when you use the incenta-health.
    NOTE:  if you share a recipe posted online, be sure to include a link and attribution to where you found it.

  • Attend a Monthly Speaking engagement/ seminar. 10 points

We want to provide you with as much relevant and current information as possible. Seminars are a greeat way to become informed and meet     more people who are taking part in the same challenge that you are. We do our best to make the topics interesting, the speeches humorous, and the meeting fun. These will be scheduled regularly on-site to the best of everyone’s availability. There will be 3 seminars total.

  • Bonus Points – Keep your eyes peeled to the company email and our website for more info as the weeks progress. This could be a biggie.

Let’s Do This!

So what do you say?  Are you ready to make a positive change in your life?   Cool!

Make you sure you do the following:

* Sign-up by Close of Business on January 17th.

* Read the Tips for Success during the Challenge.



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