Tips for Success in the SPP Nutrition Challenge

Tips for Success during the SPP Nutrition Challenge

Here are some Tips for Getting Started and Succeeding:

  1. Say ‘Yes’. A lot. Every time you ask yourself something that might derail your process? Try ‘yes’ first.
    1. Can I do this?
    2. Should I do this?
    3. Must I do this?
    4. Is it worth it?
    5. Should I ask for help?
    6. I fell off the wagon, should I just get right back on?
    7. Should I buy Chef a new KitchenAid Pro with the meatgrinder attachement and a Vitamix?
    8. you see? yes works wonders.
  2. Prepare enough food for more than one meal.
    1. A couple chickens roasted on a sunday night can make you happy for a few days at least.
  3. Don’t exceed more than 2 servings of fruit per day. Preferably eat fruit at breakfast and lunch or for a snack, but never, ever by itself. Want an apple? Eat some almonds with it.
  4. Frozen shrimp and fish defrost quickly and are good sources of protein.
  5. Love your microwave. Is it perfect? no. Might you glow like a jellyfish on mating day? maybe. But for the sake of not using the ‘time factor’ as a rationalization for less desirable food sources: nuke the good stuff. It’s still better than eating the ‘less good stuff’.
  6. Frozen organic vegetables are easy to keep on hand and cook quickly.
  7. Eat nuts and seeds in small quantities, but no peanuts or cashews. Most nuts hide carbs, so be aware that you need to eat in moderation.
  8. Drink more water. At LEAST one liter for every 45lbs of body-weight.
  9. Buy salt free seasonings for meat:
    • Costco has some very accessible salt-free seasoning mixes.
    • Lemon and lime juice add flavor to meats, fish and vegetables.
    • Olive Oil and garlic are always tasty.
    • Trader Joe’s has a 21 Seasoning Salute product that is great on meat.
    • Fresh herbs make for great tasting food.
    • Salsa might save your life, just be sure the ingredients do NOT include sugar. Fresh salsa from the produce section of Giant, Trader Joes and Safeway is a great choice. Get more than one kind.
  10. Leave a note on your fridge. No kidding. The note should be the five reasons you want to live longer. Name your kids BY NAME in the note, your lover, your wife, your dog, whatever it takes. Name them BY NAME IN THE NOTE. Make personal and in the moment. ‘If not for yourself, for who?’

Resources is a recipe sharing site for recipes that are gluten-free and follow paleo principles.   Look for recipes tagged with “paleo“, “primal“, or Whole30.

Check out the Facebook Page comments!  Participants will be sharing recipes and tips for success; scroll through the comments and learn together.

This just barely scratches the surface.  There are tons of paleo and Whole30 bloggers out there with a plethora of recipes and ideas for you.   Start searching and share what you find with the group.


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