This is Stealing Your Humanity

A geometric shape can steal what it is to be human.

Sometime between elementary school and adulthood, you began to do everything inside this three-foot by 4-foot box.

You began typing emails in that box. You began to buy and sell stocks inside that box. Now, you drive, change the channel, shop, travel, and even escape inside a screen in that box.

When was the last time you reached overhead today? Did you need to? When was the last time you biked or walked to work or a friend’s house?

The wider you stretch your arms for hugs, the higher you jump for a rebound from the hoop, the more steps or pedals you take to go from point a to point b, the bigger you draw your box.

Exciting lives demand a bigger box.
Bigger boxes allow for a more exciting life.

A big box will need good food to keep it big.
A big box will need a strong heart to power it.
A big box will run into other boxes and make them grow bigger.
A big box will change your life and others.

Draw your box big. Keep it big.


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