What Needs to Happen?

What do you want?

Now, what would need to happen in order to make THAT happen?

Fitness is a life-long process. Like any other process, you can learn it if you break it down into its component parts and focus on those parts. The big picture happens so long as you don’t create anxiety over it.

We help people every day by breaking down their “big picture goals” into action steps that will make their big picture goals happen. We call it a No-Sweat Intro. It literally means no sweating. Just come talk to a coach and we’ll roadmap your goal, give you some steps, and follow up in a week to see the change it’s making for you.

It doesn’t have to be fitness related to work. I recently put on an event at my gym and followed the same process 6 weeks before we held it.

What do I want?

  • An event that leaves attendees raving fans and excited to come back to a fun event.
  • Problems arise (as always). I want my volunteers to be able to make decisions and fix things on the fly. (I’m only 1 man).

What needs to happen in order for that to happen?

  • Spread the values of fun and friendliness to everyone who attends and my volunteers.
  • Train the volunteers so they can handle anything that happens and then, get out of their way and let them run the event.

The volunteers ran an amazing event. In fact, the only time we got off schedule was because I made us late!

Breaking down your big picture goal and focusing on a few key components allows you to make progress in a very short time period. It also allows you to make better and clearer decisions since you have removed the anxiety of “will I ever reach my big goal?!” thoughts and focus on what’s in front of you.

Big things are made up of little things. Universes, nations, events, dropping 15 lbs, and getting healthy to play with grand-babies.

Knock out those little things.

If you want some free guidance, give us a call or email us.


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