Who the F*ck is This For?

This isn’t for everyone. That’s obvious.
It isn’t for “people bored with working out.” That’s too vague.

Then who The F*ck is this for?

It’s for the celiac-diagnosed mom who knows better than the treadmill. It’s for the silver-haired court bailiff who wants to enjoy growing young. That’s specific. That’s something a snake-oil salesman won’t define. Why? Because it holds us accountable to be good at what we do. If we made it for the educated mother who’s suspicious of “just get that burn to lose weight,” and she doesn’t like it, then it hurts.

That’s why is easier (cheaper) to be “for everyone.” The lifter with a hoodie on and headphones in that aren’t playing anything AND the teenagers hyped up on enough pre-work to kill an elephant. The people who want you to watch them, the ones afraid you’re watching them, even if you aren’t, and the guy watching both of you.

This is not that.

This is for people who want to find better and try it on for size. It’s for people who want to chase down the best version of themselves and say “you’re second now.” It’s for all the Davids, Pattys, Rachels, and the next name I learn tomorrow at the place that became more than a gym.

It’s for my client working with me on jump rope for twenty minutes today because she has something to train for, and cerebral palsy obviously can’t stop her.

It’s for the ones who light up after saying “I don’t think I’ll be able to.” and the coach says “You don’t have to think that, I already know you can.”

It’s for the ones with guts to follow, guts that say “this feels right.”

It might even be for you.

But most of all, it’s for people who will laugh at my jokes and not comment on my youtube videos.


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