Winter Has Come

This isn’t Narnia; winter isn’t going to last forever.

We go through more than one season in a year, which is true for our lives. The seeds we sow in this season determine whether we will be reaping or weeping in the next season. 

We plant in the spring and harvest before the end of fall so we can stock our cellars for the winter. 

But some winters are longer than others, and this one looks like a long one. My favorite way to break through a stagnant issue (or season) is to take the issue and turn it into a question. 

“I just have to get through this tough time” becomes “How do I get through this tough time?”

The answer is to sow seeds, make new goals, take a starting time or weight, and see how much you can improve it by until things go back to “business as usual.” The rest of the world can seem like it’s on hold. But your life is not. Now is not the time to let uncertainty take the wheel. It’s time to double down on what matters to you.

Some of the top companies you use today were born in the winter of a recession. Netflix -1997 Airbnb -2008 Warby Parker -2010

The site further backs this approach by displaying several crops that flourish in any season. Especially in winter.

Winter has come, but it’s your winter. How will you get through it? What will you do with it?

Will you be weeping or reaping what you sow when the season changes?


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