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Hit all three of the following by 7/21/13

A.)  back or front squat 5×7 @75%
B.)  push press 5×4 @ 100% of strict press “Core-tight, butt-tight!”

C.) Power clean: work up to a heavy 3, perform 3×3 at that weight. record weight used.

* if you have not completed CF total, do so and complete the strength with your % based off of your CF total lifts.


Choose from one wod:

8:00 amrap

10 pull ups

20 lunges


6:00 amrap
Deadlift – 4 reps @ 315lbs (scale to 70% of your 1RM)
Pushups – 8 reps (handstand pushups if you can do those, regular if you need to scale)
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