Monday, June 2nd

 In Workout of the Day

Main – WOD

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

14 Minute AMRAP:
10 Calorie Row
10 Deadlifts
10 Box Jump Overs (Jump/step on box then jump/step off other side. You may jump sideways as well)
Rx =
25% 1RM of combined deadlift 1RM

*Partner WOD. 1 person works while the other rests. Partners switch after each round.

Cash Out

Front rack alternating lunges with barbell:
3 x 10 with each leg

*Increase weight each round as needed

Jeff founded West Little Rock CrossFit in 2012. He has a background in personal training, sports team training, and nutrition coaching, with an education in exercise science from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. He enjoys long walks on the beach and is the proud father of two rescue dogs.
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