Wednesday, July 30th

 In Workout of the Day

Main – WOD

800m Run (Time)

Max Effort 800m Run

Step Brothers (Time)

21 Box Jumps/step-ups
15 Pull-ups
9 Front Squats
Rx =
30% Combined Front Squat 1RM (60% if individual)
Unassisted Pull-ups

Rx+ =
Chest to Bar Pull-ups

Time Cap = 20:00

*Teams of 2 (Individual only if there is an odd number). Partner#1 will perform the step-ups and then partner #2 will perform them. They will continue alternating stations until all 5 rounds have been completed. Each person will end up completing 5 total rounds.

Cash Out

Accumulate 90 seconds in the L-Sit position. Scale by keeping 1 heel on the ground as needed

Jeff founded West Little Rock CrossFit in 2012. He has a background in personal training, sports team training, and nutrition coaching, with an education in exercise science from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. He enjoys long walks on the beach and is the proud father of two rescue dogs.
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