Do You Feel Like Life is Flying Past You?

I graduated high school over a decade ago, but it feels like it happened yesterday.

My computer loads pages faster than my dog can eat all of his food, which is really fast.

25MBPS of internet service was lightning a few years ago. Now, my internet is 9x faster for the same price.

Are things really speeding up? Or are we finally opening our eyes to how fast they’ve always been?

Either way, things are moving, so we can no longer put things off. We’re kidding ourselves if we’re going to keep living like time will halt for us, so we can get ourselves together when it’s convenient.

Because time won’t.

I only have a handful of things I wish I would have done before it became too late, wish I would have said before the other person walked away, but god, do I have them, just like you.

This is where I type something about fitness and food.

But instead, if you have something you want to do, a fear of regret, or a hope you want to start finding again…

Now is the time.

You can look at your thing and say “one day,” or you can look at it, real hard, as in “squint your eyes in the mirror, marveling at the vision of where you would be if you had started doing, searching, taking the chance, a year ago” kind of hard, and say “day one.”

Because someday is a myth, and soon will be too late.

Because I took a nap when I was six, then I woke up, and I was 30.

Because this post may seem familiar to you since I posted it one year ago today. Have you started on that thing yet?

I’ll check in with you next year.


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