Start your day with a Belly Laugh

None of us are here for long, but waking up early can make the time we all spend on earth a little more bearable. I started setting my alarm for 4:03 am to carve out time in my day to relax and just “be.” It turns out the thing I was waking up early for was the thing I needed the whole time.

At the 515am CrossFit class, I talk shit to my brother and best friend of 26 years. It’s an hour of belly-laughs filled with one-upmanship, failed dad-jokes, and “that one time”-references. I think we workout too, but I can’t tell you which one leaves me more breathless.

We peer-pressured each other through offensive group texting for an hour the night before. I had that hour free to sit on the couch and text because I’d been working out early that week. I had a better day with more focus to complete my work. I waste in a great mood. 

That was a great moment, to sit on the couch with nothing to rush to, nothing to catch up on. All while details of gruesome murders streamed on Netflix in the background.

Belly laughs before bed. Belly laughs in the morning. This is enough to make anyone a morning person.


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