Everyone Has A Buttcrack

Everyone has a buttcrack.

Including you. And your buttcrack leaves sweaty buttcrack prints on my floor and leather benches at the gym.

No matter who you are or what you’ve accomplished.

Old? Buttcrack print.
Young with abs? Buttcrack print.
Overweight? Buttcrack print.
Lawyer? Unemployed? Amateur Taxidermist? Buttcrack print.

So remember that when you get in your head about the girl or guy with more defined abs and muscle-ups or cooler shoes. We (coaches) don’t see how much you are or are not, have, or don’t have. We see your buttcrack prints, just like everyone else’s, and we love each one of you regardless of the 1st place finishes under your belt.

If anything, the person working the hardest is probably the sweatiest and leaves bigger prints. So maybe just try to leave the best buttcrack print that you can. What a weirdly fun way to measure your intensity. I’d PR bell that.

Have fun.


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