I Know, I Know, They’re Just Burpees

I know, I know, they’re just burpees.

I doubt any of us thought we would do, could do, or be capable of the things we’ve done in our gym.

Beyond the physical fitness part.

When you came through the door, what you took part in became more than a workout. It became a gift. Not just to us, but to the other people who showed up, and their families and communities that they impact when they leave.

Together, we offer people an opportunity to grow, to connect, to network, to share, to care, to be who they’re capable of being. You’re a conduit to introduce people to who they really are.

I can’t claim to be everything behind the engine of WLRCF. That’s a no-brainer. But I was the one with the dream and spark to start it. If WLRCF had a battery, I know it’s me.

But here’s the thing. Batteries can’t transmit a charge without wire. They also can’t recharge themselves without that wire. There has to be a conductor strong enough to take the charge and send it where it needs to go, to inject life into the connections, to pump fuel into the mix, to make the engine breathe fire and burn hot.

With every air fist-bump, every smile, and every dad-joke…
With every cookout that you host in your backyard…
With every room, trailer, boat, or cabin you offer to lend us…
With every Mighty-Ducks quote and message of support, you send me during difficult times…
With every time you’re still trying to catch your own breath, but somehow find it in you to cheer on the last one in the room to finish…you lay another copper strand onto the wire that we’ve all spun, together.

I know, they’re just burpees.

To some:)


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