Kilts & Corndogs. An Open Story.

Who wears a kilt and works out in front of a hundred strangers? I do. 

I also show up with hot corndogs in my pockets to meet new friends, but you can read about that here if you want.

In 2015, Chad Cumming and I showed up at CrossFit Legit in kilts to do a CrossFit open workout.

Chad is Scottish. He has the kilt and everything. I’m possibly 1/2 Irish. I don’t know for sure, but I wanted an excuse to wear a kilt. 

We may not have made a lot of friends that day, but we made the right friends. The workout that day had toes-to-bar in it. The rest is history.

Want to make a bunch of the right friends in March? Sign up for the intramural open. *Kilts and corndogs, optional.

Am I making this story up? A quick search on FB will tell.

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Or message me. That’s cool too.


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