More Than Enough is Too Much.

This year, I took on the task of decluttering most of my stuff. 

  • The unused shirts in my closet
  • Books I won’t be reading again
  • My 1996 Jeep Cherokee 
  • A little piece of my heart as I watched the Jeep driven away

They were all things that in themselves were valuable, but weren’t bringing me value. 

To remain attached to something that bears no extra value when I already have enough is just excess weight to carry around. 

See, I had the idea that sentiment was a reason to keep something when it no longer brought value. What I needed to get rid of, was that idea. 

After clearing out my home, I had room to put my bike and trainer (something I actually do use). I have room for new books, which has got me excited about the latest books I’m going to read, and my kitchen counters are clear so I can meal prep with less hassle.

I wish I did this ages ago because I’m a lot happier without the stuff that wasn’t serving me anymore.

I wager that we all do this with food, thoughts, habits, and dad jokes. 

What’ a thought or habit that’s no longer serving you?

Would leaving it behind be worth the freedom from it that you gain in return?


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