My Clients May Know More than Your Trainers.

CLIENTS who take our intro course receive more exposure to practical, lecture, and feedback-based education than they would get in the NSCA Personal Trainer Certification program. 

That’s not a dig at the NSCA, but it is true. We built our program around providing the most important and effective solution to fitness possible. 

The truth as I see it. 

People should be so educated that they don’t have to wait for (or never meet) an extraordinary practitioner to solve their health problems. Rather than arming only trainers with the principles that save human lives, we teach them to the client. 

Every human should know how to keep their organism in order over their lifetime. Too many parents have left their children early because they were not armed with the principles that would’ve kept them alive and allowed them to thrive if practiced repeatedly.

The closer.

My dad taught me how cars work. More importantly, he taught me about the things that will fail if you don’t pay attention and keep them in good shape. It’s not important that I turn the wrench. What matters is that I know when it’s time to take it to the mechanic before the brakes fail.

Our intro program is not “Here is how to work out”. It’s a crash course on how your body functions and what it needs to serve you instead of fail you. It’s delivered by a trusted guide who knows the path and more importantly, instills an experience in you that will make you take action and keep showing up.

No one pays us for sessions, even though we meet for 30 or 60-minutes at a time. We don’t have a membership, even though you can be a member.

We have an elegant solution. 

We teach the no B.S. facts of how this thing called “your body” works.

But most importantly, we guide you to take action and leverage both. 

That moves you out of the realm of “I hope this works” and arms you into a well-trained, formidable human who can decide their own health destiny.


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