Tuesday, July 15th

Main – WOD

(No Measure)

Movement review:
-Goblet squat

Metcon (Time)

For Time:
100 Goblet Squats
75 KBS
50 Thrusters
75 KBS
100 Goblet Squats
Rx =
50% Thruster 1RM

Time Cap = 20:00

*2 person teams (half the reps if going individual). 2 barbells and KBs per team. 1 partner performs 5 reps then the other partner performs 5 reps. You must complete all of the reps at each station before moving on to the next movement.

Cash Out

30 sitting med ball passes with partner (30 each)

*You and a partner will chest pass a medball back and forth while sitting upright on the floor (long sitting).


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