Why You Hate Some Moves. Mainly Burpees.

The beef that people have with doing burpees isn’t about being on the ground or the movement itself.

Its how it makes you feel.

Its the great revealer. 2 minutes of all-out burpees reveals how you handle an immediate change in environment, blood chemistry, heart rate, and respiration.

Guess how that makes anyone feel? Not great.

So, why do them?

It’s the same reason God put predators on earth to chase you and try to eat you. Enemies make you stronger.

What do you do when something’s chasing you? You turn around. Face it. You may not win, but it’s your best shot. Because running away is only going to make you better at running away.

So you may curse the use of predators and burpees. You’ll probably question, “why the hell would God or a caring coach put something like this in front of me?”


He wouldn’t do it if he thought you couldn’t beat it.


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