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The B.S. Question.

“Yeah, I just want to know how much it costs.” Um, no, you don’t. Do you get off by calling different places and asking what

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I Feel Like Doo-Doo

“I feel like a beached whale.” My internal dialogue during a workout after a month off. I took a month to run four times per

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Unrelenting Belief

The reason we can’t lose weight is the same reason we stay unhappy.  Bold statement, I know. But listen.  Suppose you google what it takes

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Falling From 14,500ft.

Before I start this journey, let me say that I have always booked my airline seats in the exit aisle for the legroom. But NO

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I Cry In the Morning.

I start each morning by crying.  At least, I have been for the past week, and guess what? I feel amazing. Each morning, I set

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Screw River

What if I asked you tomorrow to show me your meticulously written plan for success? You’d probably look at me and say, “what are you

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