Commitment Creates Momentum

An object in motion tends to stay in motion. More importantly, motion in one direction tends to continue in that direction. If you skip the …

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Doctors and Med Students, We Need To Talk.

Second-year medical students have a huge exam in May. Years of study and loans can ride on these exams. So, I get why med students …

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Start your day with a Belly Laugh

None of us are here for long, but waking up early can make the time we all spend on earth a little more bearable. I …

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Do You Feel Like Life is Flying Past You?

I graduated high school over a decade ago, but it feels like it happened yesterday. My computer loads pages faster than my dog can eat …

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Day Too Busy? Do This.

If you start your day with good intentions but fall off the wagon when your schedule gets hectic, here’s what to do. Win your morning. …

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Do What You Can

Do what you can, which will not stop you from becoming more than you are. This past weekend I attended the Active Life seminar for …

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Set Goals Like You Mean it Workshop

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Protected: Habits of Highly Effective Coaches Workshop

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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I Used to be in a lot of Pain

“I used to be in a lot of pain.”⁠⁠That’s something I’ve wanted to be able to truthfully say for a while but couldn’t. ⁠⁠What got …

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Free Cookies At Work

I was doing good. I woke up on time, ate decent that morning, and drank water… and there they were. Work provides Subway cookies in …

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