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Me Lucky Charms

My accomplishments haven’t brought me lasting happiness. But the friends, memories, screw-ups, and adventures along the way have. Some common goals we have on repeat

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How to Feel Shitty

Your mind is a lot like your stomach. If you feed it shit, you will feel shitty. In the two years that I’d owned and

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How to Get Better

This morning I was reminded by my dog, Evie how to master something in a very short time.  Evie is brilliant as far as dogs

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You Ain’t Special.

Overwhelmed some changes you need to make?  Same, fam, You ain’t special. But really, when I get overwhelmed looking at an outcome I want to

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I Have a Dollar For You

If I gave you a dollar, you could spend it, save it, invest it, or give it away.  What would you do? You may think,

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The B.S. Question.

“Yeah, I just want to know how much it costs.” Um, no, you don’t. Do you get off by calling different places and asking what

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I Feel Like Doo-Doo

“I feel like a beached whale.” My internal dialogue during a workout after a month off. I took a month to run four times per

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